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Build a squadron of NFT aircraft, participate in team events. Play, share and earn. The more NFTs you have, the more benefits you get in the Squadron-V metaverse!

We are for peace and friendship of all nations, and our goal is to unite all lovers of aviation.

Our goal is to create a P2E Game, with the ability to implement in different MetaVerses, which will unite all participants and aviation enthusiasts from different countries.

Each participant in our GameFi game will be able to try the characteristics aviation of different countries. Each aircraft is a unique NFT!

 NFT Squadron-V


You must be on the WhiteList to gain access to presales. The conditions are not going to be difficult. To learn more and stay informed, stay tuned to social media.

There will be a MINT button on the Squadron-V official website. You will definitely see it.

Resell it on the trading floors or keep it to play in the future and make money in our GameFi Squadron-V. We are also looking into the process of introducing all of our project participants to receive rewards for Staking our NFTs.

An additional NFT is a free NFT with a rare aircraft. Only owners who have collected squadrons will have these NFTs.

To get an extra NFT you need to collect a squadron of planes. You will see the details and composition of the squadrons on the website, in the Wiki section.

Solana blockchain.

Why Squadron-V?

The project brings together the strongest air forces from five countries such as the United States, Russia, China, Japan and India.
Our NFTs are divided into squadrons by assignment. Each squadron has an additional NFT.



2 quarter of 2022

Description of the project concept.
Creation of the first collection of 5555 NFT RUS Air Force.
Development of the website. Creation of groups in social networks. 

3 quarter of 2022

Launch of sales of the RUS Air Force collection.
Airdrop of the RUS Air Force collection (Free Mint, WhiteList).
Development of the US Air Force collection.

4 quarter of 2022

Creation of promotional materials for promotion.
Mint and open sale of NFT US Air Force.

1 quarter of 2023

Creation of the China Air Force collection.
Airdrop of the China Air Force collection.

2 quarter of 2023

Creating the Indian Air Force collection.
Launch of the Staking Pool

2 quarter of 2023

Airdrop of the Indian Air Force collection.
Game concept development Squadron-V based on GameFi.
Description of game mechanics.


3 quarter of 2023

Creating the Japan Air Force collection.
Airdrop of the Japan Air Force collection.
Development and creation of the game Squadron-V.

4 quarter of 2023

Launching the beta test of the game Squadron-V.
Creation of promotional materials for the promotion.
Attracting partners and Influencers.

1 quarter of 2024

Squadron-V game launch.
Development of an implementation concept in Metaverse.
The launch of the promo campaign.

2 quarter of 2024

Creating the Squadron-V Metaverse. Implementation Squadron-V into the Metaverse.
Collaboration with partners.

Also, our team is working in parallel to create a new Squadron-V development branch. This is civilian aviation. At this stage, a very interesting game is designed, in which there is also an opportunity to earn. Read more in our White Paper.


We are directly related to airplanes and are engaged in their development and design.
Also having skills in programming, creation of smart contracts, design, we decided to team up to create our project.

Roman S.
Alex L.
Anatoliy K.
Samat T.

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