The composition of the NFT RUS Air Force collection.
How do I get a additional and unique NFT?

At this stage of development, to get an additional and unique NFT from the RUS Air Force collection, you must assemble one complete squadron.
Squadrons are divided into six groups. These are Fighter, Strategic, Assault, Transport, Special and Helicopter. Details in our Discord server.


It is designed to destroy enemy aircraft (planes, helicopters, drones, etc.) for the purpose of gaining air superiority, covering troops, forces and home front facilities, and supporting military operations of other types of aviation.
Fighter aviation may also be used for ground and maritime operations and aerial reconnaissance.

The Fighter Squadron includes:
- MIG-29 (modifications MIG-29M);
- MIG-31 (modifications MIG-31B, MIG-31DZ, MIG-31E);
- MIG-35;
- SU-27 (modifications SU-27SMK);
- SU-30 (modifications SU-30MKI, SU-30KN);
- SU-35 (modifications SU-35S).


It is the main strike tool of the Air Force, designed to destroy groups of troops, aviation, naval forces of the enemy and its important military, military-industrial, energy facilities, communication nodes mainly in strategic and operational directions. Can be used for aerial reconnaissance and mines from the air.

The Fighter Squadron includes:
- TU-16 (modifications TU-16 C-N, TU-16G, TU-16K-10, TU-16LL, TU-16P, TU-16RM);
- TU-22 (modifications TU-22PD, TU-22R, TU-22UD);
- TU-22M2;
- TU-22M3;
- TU-95 (modifications TU-95KM, TU-95MS);
- TU-160.


Designed to destroy nuclear missiles, enemy aircraft, its reserves and important objects, air support of ground troops, naval forces, military mobile objects, cover the troops, provide overflight of strategic, special and transport aviation.

The Fighter Squadron includes:
- SU-24 (modifications SU-24MK, SU-24MP, SU-24M);
- SU-25 (modifications SU-25UB, SU-25UTG);
- SU-34.


Designed to drop airborne units, deliver weapons, ammunition and materiel to troops that are behind enemy lines, transport troops, weapons, ammunition and materiel, evacuate the wounded and sick, and participate in peacekeeping operations. Some transport aviation forces may also be involved in special missions.

The Transport Squadron includes:
- IL-76 (modifications IL-76MD, IL-76M, IL-76MF, IL-76PP, IL-76TD).
- AN-12 (modifications AN-12BK, AN-12PP, AN-12PS);
- AN-26 (modifications AN-26KPA);
- AN-22;
- AN-72;
- AN-74;
- AN-124;


Designed for special tasks: long-range radar detection and control, electronic warfare, reconnaissance and target designation, control and communications, aerial refueling, radiation, chemical and engineering reconnaissance, evacuation of the wounded and sick, search and rescue of flight crews.

The Special Squadron includes:
- AN-30 (modifications AN-30B, AN-30D);
- IL-20 (modifications IL-20M, IL-20RT);
- IL-22PP;
- IL-78;
- IL-80;
- IL-82;
- TU-214ON;
- A-50.


Designed to provide air support to ground forces by striking enemy ground, small, armored mobile objects on the front line and in tactical depth, as well as to meet the challenges of supporting combined arms combat and increasing the mobility of troops. At the same time units and subunits of army aviation perform firing, airborne and transport, reconnaissance and special combat missions.

The Helicopter Squadron includes:
- MI-24 (modifications MI-24A, MI-24DU, MI-24P, MI-24V);
- MI-8 (modifications MI-8MT, MI-8PS, MI-8TV);
- MI-28 (modifications MI-28A, MI-28N);
- MI-26;
- MI-38;
- KA-50;
- KA-52;
- KA-226;
- MI-35M.

The RUS Air Force collection may contain very rare planes and helicopters:
- SU-47Berkut;
- M-4;
- T4;
- SU-32;
- AN-255MRIA;
- A-50U;
- KA-60.

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